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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: The Murphys ARE?

Who ARE "The Murphys?"

The Murphy Family evolved in this interesting way: Bill Murphy … from Texas, met Ila Cantelon … from Canada, at a church camp in Manitoba. The two eventually married in Miami, Florida.  A daughter, LaJuana, later entered the world in Sydney, Montana. FIVE years later, Robert (Bob) was born into the family in Seattle, Washington.

And that alone should explain why the Murphys became “road warriors!” For many years the family toured the United States and Canada as Gospel musicians. In later years, “dad” Bill … an ordained minister … would turn to mostly pastoral ministry. The two siblings of the family continued on in various music capacities, touring or working with musical artists of distinction.

So, where are the members of the "MURPHY FAMILY" ?

LAJUANA MURPHY-BRANN ... has been on staff at Oral Roberts University over the past few years, first as an assistant manager in the campus post office … and most recently as an associate in the Follett-run University Bookstore. Currently, she is located in Branson, Missouri, where she does some promo work for Gary S. Paxton Ministries.  LaJuana is a keyboardist for Faith and Wisdom Center, Gary McSpadden's ministry in the community.  She continues to write and record music in her home studio.

 LaJuana has one son, Tyler, and daughter-in-law, Sarah, who live and work in New York City. They are very involved in various ministries at Liberty Church NYC. Both are ORU graduates of the 2009 class. 

ROBERT LEE (BOB) MURPHY ... LaJuana's brother and the Murphy Family bassist and lead vocalist ... is currently in Ft. Worth, Texas. Bob and his wife, Delena, are employed in the area and continue to remain involved in music ministry.

ILA (CANTELON) MURPHY ...resided in Springfield, Missouri at the Assemblies of God retirement village, Maranatha, the past 5 years until her passing from this life in October of 2012. She remained active in music ... using her talents at the piano and organ for services in the Village and elsewhere … up until just days before she moved to her Heavenly home. Now she has joined Dad Bill, and is probably playing along side him in Heaven's Band.

BILL (DAD) MURPHY ... "The Leader of the Band" ..., was called home to Heaven in February of 2003. The group's guitar player, ... and a vocalist with an amazing range ..., "Dad" Bill is greatly missed by the family. They are sure he is playing in Heaven's Band ... and the family can't wait to join him again!

JIM DAWSON and RICK FORRESTER ... were drummers who toured with the Murphy Family at different times. Both were immensely talented and added greatly to the group's signature sound. Jim Dawson resides in Billings, Montana while Rick Forrester lives in Bozeman, Montana.