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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: Murphy Family - The 70s Revived!

"Love Had To Be The Reason"

(The Murphy Family - Original 1972 Recording)
Copyright 1972, by: LaJuana Murphy-Brann (BMI)



 Title: Love Had To Be The Reason

( Verse 1)

As I look around about me

At the wickedness abounding

In these troubled days,

Evil rages o’er the land,

Men pay no mind to God’s commands,

I am amazed …

That one as He who knew no wrong

Would choose a cross to die upon

And for a Godless world salvation buy.

This mystery I can’t fully see,

But I believe love had to be

The reason why.

(Verse 2)

Hear the little children crying …

Souls are lost and men are dying.

Jesus loves them all …

And I, the least of all of these,

Still marvel at His grace t’ward me

When I recall …

All the wealth and glory He denied

When He chose to be crucified

And shed the blood that for worlds would atone.

Tho’ men would to explain it try,

I still believe the reason why

Was love alone.


What else could cause a king

To leave His throne to live among

The poor and lowly?

What else could cause the sinless Son of God

To dwell within a world unholy?

Words of man cannot explain

Why such a one as Jesus came

To die a lonely death on Calvary …

But it seems to me

Love Had To Be … The Reason.

Copyright, 1972/2009 by LaJuana Murphy Brann


In the late 70’s, the Murphy Family left the road and discontinued full-time touring.

As members of the family went their separate ways, each one continued to use his/her talent in the area of ministry each was called to pursue.

 The re-issue of these tracks from past recordings of the Murphy Family gives continuance of their talents and ministry to this date.



                             The Last Tour