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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: Murphy Family - The 70s Revived!

"Me and Jesus"

(The Murphy Family, 1972)
Tom T. Hall / Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music


           The Murphy Family         


In the '60s and '70s, "The Murphy Family" toured the USA and Canada, presenting gospel music concerts.

At that time, the group consisted of: Dad, Bill ... Mom, Ila, ... and siblings, Bob (Robert) and LaJuana.  Drummers Rick Forester and Jim Dawson were, at separate times, also part of the touring family.

In 1972, the group recorded Tom T. Hall's country hit, "Me and Jesus," as one side of a 45 rpm.  It became one of the group's most requested songs.

Just recently, a mint condition of the recording was discovered amid LaJuana's belongings.  The track has been digitized and re-issued as a digital release.

Downloads of this track are now available at LaJuana's 'Murphy Family' CD Baby artist's page, as well as several other internet music sites.

Please enjoy, ... and help us "Revive the Original Murphy Group" by purchasing this track!