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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: Check These LINKS!

Starlight Relief Ministry

   Starlight Relief Ministry was started in 2009 for the purpose of responding to natural disasters and emergency situations.  Within days of the devastating Joplin tornado of May, 22, the group was on the ground in the city.  Michael Crimi is the coordination president of this non-profit organization.

The link above will take you to the Facebook social media page for Starlight Relief Ministry. While there, take a look at the photos that have been posted. I personally witnessed this devastation. 

I whole-heartedly recommend this ministry as worthy of your support. They are doing a great work!


This link is to a group that is fighting to protect our current 'Pledge of Allegiance' ... inclusive of the line, "One nation, under God..."   They have our full support.


Christmas Music 24/7

Your favorite Christmas music ... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long! .... the way it SHOULD be.


The Weatherfords

  The Weatherfords are legendary in Gospel music. The group, ... consisting of Lily Fern Weatherford, Steve Weatherford and Cody Boyer, ... works out of Oklahoma. In my "younger past," it was my honor to tour with the Weatherford Quartet, when Earl Weatherford was still on "this side" of Heaven.  Stop by their new web site ... and tell them LaJuana sent you!


Bloodline Music Group

   Like Southern Gospel?  Then you will certainly enjoy the group, 'Bloodline.'  Made up of John and Christy Snodgrass and Kimberly Fry, they work out of West Virginia. Check out their music web site and pay them a visit when they minister in your area.  ( And, Oh yeah ... tell them you heard about them from LaJuana!)


Home Website of Nancie Pearson Carmichael


 Nancie Pearson Carmichael is a life- long friend of  LaJuana's, from their teen days in Montana.  A very gifted  writer, Nancie offers inspiration and encouragement for  women thru' both written and spoken word.

Colin Bent Photography




  Colin Bent, a friend and  business acquaintance, is a professional photographer in the Tulsa area. An Oral Roberts University alumnus,  Colin can skillfully provide all photography services you may have need of.


LaJuana's Facebook Page

LMB 80s_resized  LaJuana's FACEBOOK page, where friends and fans "visit" the Murphy/Brann group online.  Stop by and add us to your "friends" list!