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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: My Place



"I Love my Life!"... Says the road musician.


Welcome to my Internet home!

Here you will find updates about the family, get previews of our latest recordings, (...and "re-runs" of some of our oldies!) and help us reconnect with our friends.  There are also some "off-the-wall" pages … like, Today's NEWS Flash ... where anything from the weather to the latest family escapades might be the topic. Be sure to return and check that page often.

You will find full-length tracks from my instrumental album, "An Ivory Christmas," posted on the music page. Additional recorded tracks are also available at this link.

 My favorite pages are those that showcase our MURPHY FAMILY 1972-1974 recordings ... especially the track of "Me and Jesus" ... and the flip-side of the original 45 rpm, "Love Had To Be the  Reason." And don't forget to read the associated stories. There is also a group of old-time family photos in the Family Photo Gallery.  You won't believe your eyes!

 Feel free to download, "It's Time," my newest song ... sung by ORU vocalist, Caleb Nelson. Click on the song title to read more about this track. It has also just been recorded by former 'Revivaltime' soloist, Gloria Elliott, under the 'GarPax' label:  MP3 play Gloria Elliott 'It's Time' .

 Check back often!  Join our email list, and say, "Howdy" on our Guestbook. We'd love to know you stopped by!