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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: Sign Our Guestbook!

Bertha Dotson-Ford

April 6, 2017

LaJuana's I hope you remember me from Globe AZ. We live in Sun City AZ. I My daughter LaJusna, will be 46 in July. She and Phil have two children. TYLER will be 22 in June and Lauren will be 17 in October. She is a Sophomore in high school. Tyler has a goid job,loves music and writes some music and is poetic. Would love to hear from you. I hear you met Joe and Judy at church a few weeks ago. I send my love and prayers.

Susie DeBoer Gewin

October 18, 2015

Greetings from Kentucky. I've had fun looking at your family photos and listening to the old tracks. I remember your family quite well and was greatly impacted by your father's ministry at First Assembly of God in Wenatchee. I was probably around 8 or 9 years old when your father was called to be our pastor. My father, Dale, was a deacon. Ila spent many hours at my mother's hospital bed and was there when she went to be with the Lord in 1976, she was only 40 years old. Your mother and my dad were the one's who broke the news to me. I was just ten. I remember your music and how talented y'all were. I was so sad to see you go. I'm just so happy to have googled your dad's name and find your website!

Randy & Deanne Graves

April 15, 2015

LaJuana, Saw a link to your website from a LinkedIn request from Jennifer Todd. We enjoyed Very Much reading about you and your family. You, and Your Mom and Dad, had a significant impact on our lives and walk with the Lord. Glad to hear You are doing well, and your Son and daughter-inlaw. Your Family in Christ, Randy & Deanne Graves

debbie brewster

December 1, 2013

hi there. Beautiful music. Have a blessed christmas.

Debbie Jonas

November 18, 2013

I just had a quick moment in here, but I loved the beautiful music playing. Thank you for letting me check it out.

Bill Murphree

April 14, 2013

LaJuana, this is some of the most beautiful Piano I have ever heard. It is such a pleasure to meet you & hope we can meet in person sometime in the future. Bill Murphree

Loree Will

March 28, 2013

Enjoyed listening to your music. Blessings, Loree

Larry Leon Williams

December 16, 2012

Thank you for praying for us.

Jim & Verna

November 7, 2012

Good work on the web page. But I want to see more pictures of old tractors and trucks. :)
Blessings on you!


September 2, 2012

this is cool!

Loree, Lynnette & Tom

August 14, 2012

Great web site!! Loree enjoyed looking at family pictures. Our web:

Jean Hall

February 28, 2012

I go to the A/G in Sidney, Mt We are planning our 75th anniversary celebration in Aug this year. I googled your mom's name and came up with this site. If we have your addresses, we will send you an invitation. Enjoyed the pictures and the music. God bless

Dick Strum

February 7, 2012

Lost track of you until during a conversation with friends the names of the Murphy and Cantelon families came up. We looked them up--and found your website. What a joy to hear your special music again.

Love in Christ,

Dick and Merleen Strum

Bill Murphree

January 27, 2012

Love your music. I would love to claim you as a relative. Ha ha. We have almost the same name, you are a Murphy & I am a Murphree.

Grace Arellano

December 8, 2011

thank you for directing me to your website LaJuana. I am so excited to be able to not only hear your music again after all these years, but also to be able to order some. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas.

Billy Burris

November 2, 2011

Lovely site, LaJuana!!! Loved it!

Tracy Van Dyke

September 5, 2011

Love that LaJuana style piano playing!

Hector Maldonado

June 2, 2011

LaJuana, I love the song. Excellente!

JoAnn Ault Ferguson

May 11, 2011

Really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Brings back good memories. Thanks for telling me about this website.

Arlene Sandhop

April 17, 2011

I love your website LaJuana!! Thanks for sharing and updating me...

Sandra Lemmon Orton

December 28, 2010

LaJuana, How did I NOT know about George's passing? Where was I? Your mom didn't even mention it the last couple of times that I chatted with her. I'm so sorry. He was such a darling. Know that I love you and DO think of you, even though I've forgotten how to pick up my cell phone and call any one! Lv u -slo

Dorothy Houghton

August 6, 2010

Appreciate your musical talent and admire your WORK ETHIC! God bless your efforts and crown you with success!

Russell Barton

August 2, 2010

Brings back good memories!

Phil Kenney

July 20, 2010

nice, did you make this site or have it done?

Sandra Lemmon Orton

July 7, 2010

LaJuana, NO ONE and I mean, NO ONE (except maybe your mama) can play that piano the way you do. I still want you to play "Amazing Grace" at my funeral. And I think that's all I'll have - just you! Miss you, girlfriend! Tell mama hello for me.

debbie brewster

March 14, 2010

interesting to know where you are. keep up the music. god bless

James Moore

February 21, 2010

This is a very good website LaJuana, and may God continue to bless you.


Chuck & Phyllis Klein

February 17, 2010

Looks as if you are staying busy using your gifts for the Lord...Keep it up!

Jim Ford and Bertha Dotson-Ford

February 8, 2010

LaJuana, it was so good to see the family pictures, read the news flash and also listen to some of your music. Sis. Murphy looks great.

Kip Addotta

February 4, 2010

Nice site! Good to see someone has gotten it together.

January 21, 2010

Gratuluje i pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Griffin Olson

January 10, 2010

Great website! Checked out a few of the blogs, will listen to the music when I can use a different computer. Keep up the good work.

Evelyn Peak

December 18, 2009

Nice blog site LaJuana! I'm enjoying Christmas music as I write. I'll check on from time-to-time.

LaJuana Rinker

December 6, 2009

I just found your site, and I love it. I live out of the city limits and have dial up (extrememly slow) computer service. I'll have to listen at work tomorrow. My name (as you can see) is LaJuana. I sing first soprano in our church (First United Methodist) choir. I play the piano sometimes for one of men's Sunday School classes....but not as well as you do! I live in sunny and warm (most of the time) DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Thanks for a positive and uplifting site!!

Chuck & Phyllis Klein

November 24, 2009

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving to you & Bro. Bob..

A great piano player, a true musician you are!

Nice to have my Lap-Top up & running again...
Enjoy the Holidays!

Ronda (Barber) Jones

October 30, 2009

oh, the memories!!! Loved you all and enjoyed your ministry whilst at Spanaway, Washington. WOW. how time flies. Am indebted to your wonderful father, Pastor Murphy for leading our church and my soul into the realms of Jesus. Praise Jesus's Name!!

Crockett Stearns

October 24, 2009

Hi LaJuana, it is great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. Looks like you are very busy and enjoying life. Blessings, Crockett

Linda Hightower

October 20, 2009

Fun site LaJuana! Nice to "see" you after all these years.

Cathy Pugh

October 16, 2009

Hello LaJuana!
so wonderful to see your site!!
Our youngest son Adam and wife live in Springfield MO...Jon and I will be there @ Christmas..any chance you will be in the area?

Gloria (Ulin) Seelye

September 20, 2009

I love your site LaJuana and your music. It was so awesome to find you on Facebook. God bless you richly.

Bill Wagner

September 13, 2009

Love this. I really like your coundown to Christmas. If you know how to link up go for it.

Arlene Brewer

September 9, 2009

Lovely music! Bless you! Good to hear you again.

Glen and Mary Ann Cole

September 8, 2009

Great hearing from you, LaJuana. Greet your mother for us, please.
We are doing well. Pastoring again at Trinity Life Center in Sacramento. So ... blessings ... and we like the music.

In Jesus,

Clara Comparini

September 4, 2009

LaJuana, I loved your page! The music is beautiful too!! I miss the good old Grace Lutheran days....

Shay Driver

August 27, 2009

Wow! Your music is beautiful! I very much enjoyed every song that I listened to!
Have a wonderful day!

Judye Plant

August 27, 2009

Juani--How excited I was when Patsye told me about your web page. Listening to the '72 songs and remembering hearing them in person when you and your family visited ET in Palestine so many times, brought back very precious memories that are for a lifetime. How my dad, mom, Patsye, and I so dearly loved and still love your family and how we cherish those times together yet miss them profoundly. My love is with you, your mom, and Bob always. It is so great to see you even though it's a picture. You look terrific as do Ila and Bob in their pictures.
Much love always,

Billy Singleton

August 10, 2009

Thanks, LaJuana, for directing me to this site. I really enjoyed it and will keep coming back to it bookmarked. It really is great to hear from you after all this time! God bless you.

Lynda Seneff

August 6, 2009

I finally had some time to sit down and go through your website. It is wonderful! It was neat listening to you all sing and to see the pictures. What a blessing you are - truly a gifted family in the Lord. God Bless!


August 1, 2009

Hey! I found it. Loved the photos and all! Congratulations to Tyler and Sarah! Your mom looks great!! What a blessing!!

Bill Wagner

July 25, 2009

Love the new Christmas CD.

Duane & Loveta Buhler

July 20, 2009

WOW! How neat to hear from you. I love your music. Tell your Mom Hi 'n Love from us. And a big hug to you. Thanx for connecting. Blessing to you


July 10, 2009

Very fun music...........i liked your songs

Bill Wagner

July 6, 2009

You still got it Murph. You always were my favorite keyboard player in the Weatherfords.

Idaho Bonnie!

June 24, 2009

Very fun music and photos! (I want more of GEORGE! Ha!)

Beverly Gregg

June 23, 2009

Awesome website!


June 22, 2009

Hi from Idaho!

Great to see you are doing well! Tyler was one of my favorites!


Melissa Mercogliano

June 22, 2009

How cool!


June 17, 2009

Hi, LaJuana. Great website! I especially love the photos.
Tell Tyler congrats on his wedding! Beautiful!

Rod Enos

June 15, 2009

Hi, LaJuana. Thanks for sharing the pics. Blessings

Loree Will

June 14, 2009

Enjoyed the photos and comments! Great work LaJuana! Proud to be your friend! Love you and your mom.


June 2, 2009

I was driving right through that Missouri storm a few weeks back. WILD! Never seen anything like it.
Website's looking good! Glad to see the downloadable music.

Debra Harmon

May 30, 2009

So you have survived the Southern Missouri weather! Also, nice to hear that you have now joined the 'mother-in-law' ranks. Cute photo of the newlyweds. Also, thanks for making your music available here. Love Christmas music in the summer! Cools things down.

Carl Renworth

April 19, 2009

Enjoying the Tulsa weather updates! Nothing dull about living in Oklahoma. Keep us informed.

Bonnie DeNully

March 29, 2009

Hieee! Looks nice!

Pastor Bernie Huesmann

March 24, 2009

Hi LaJuana!
Good to hear from you! Nice website! God's continued blessings be yours in abundance!

Sandra Orton

March 23, 2009

Hey Lady! I didn't realize that you had such a cute sense of humor. Love it! Looked at your pictures. Great! Wishing you the best success ever with this endeavor. You certainly deserve it! Love to you and the family, SANDRA

Caroline Eddison

March 23, 2009

Hey, girl; It's about time you did this!
Will keep looking for more info. God Bless.