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Courage In the Face of the Storm -- One Man's Incredible Journey

Posted on October 18, 2013

I am very cautious what and who I reference in my posts on this site. But there are those occasions when I am touched and encouraged beyond the norm, and desire to share my "discovery" with you, my friends.


Some weeks back I was drawn to the Facebook posts of a man who has a story almost beyond comprehension.

Robert B. Haase is a seminar presenter and promoter, author, speaker and a business marketing consultant in Olympia, Washington. Obviously, his voice and speaking ability are critical to his profession. If you were in his shoes … and you were suddenly faced with the news that you may never talk again …, how would you react?

Haase is a committed follower of Christ. His attitude and strength in the face of this life-altering experience is inspiration at its pinnacle. With his permission, I am posting the link to his personal blog. He is telling the story - day-by-day - of his journey in the midst of this storm. You WILL be inspired!

Scroll down to the beginning of Robert's blog - dated September 23 - to get the full impact of his story from the beginning.