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This devotional was written as an assignment of the ORU class I was enrolled in a few years back. It was later published by an online Internet devotional site.  

Recent circumstances brought it to my attention — a reminder of God's protection over my life. 


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Amber Alert … for the Christ Child

Posted on December 23, 2013
The following words were penned by a family friend, Greg Asimakoupoulos. How true! Let us find the Christ Child this year.
In this season of red and green,
an Amber Alert has been issued.
A child is missing!
He's been removed from his rightful place
and kidnapped by a culture that considers him
politically incorrect.
Sadly, not many are searching for him
amid the madness at the mall.
His absence is not on the radar of most.
Shoppers are in search of gifts.
Merchants are seeking shoppers.
Children are looking for Santa.
Public school teachers are trying to find
holiday legends and songs that celebrate a season
neutered of its essence.
Meanwhile, their principals are focused on
uncovering Christmas decorations
that (ironically) should never be allowed out of the closet.
Atheists are on the lookout
for Christmas trees at city hall and creches at the courthouse.
I'm actually hoping they find one
for then they will [...]
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I am very cautious what and who I reference in my posts on this site. But there are those occasions when I am touched and encouraged beyond the norm, and desire to share my "discovery" with you, my friends.
Some weeks back I was drawn to the Facebook posts of a man who has a story almost beyond comprehension.

Robert B. Haase is a seminar presenter and promoter, author, speaker and a business marketing consultant in Olympia, Washington. Obviously, his voice and speaking ability are critical to his profession. If you were in his shoes … and you were suddenly faced with the news that you may never talk again …, how would you react?

Haase is a committed follower of Christ. His attitude and strength in the face of this life-altering experience is inspiration at its pinnacle. With his permission, I am posting the link to his personal blog. He is telling the story - day-by-day - of his journey in the midst of this storm. You WILL be inspired!
Scroll [...]
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  White ‪smoke poured from the chimney fixed to the roof of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The throngs in the courtyard celebrated jubilantly as bells pealed to announce the news. On this Wednesday of March 13, 2013, Fox News and other media outlets flashed the alert across the screens for millions of their viewers to see: “Habemus papam: We have a new pope.”
 I listened as media pundits expressed their own excitement at this event, one equating it to the “birth of a new child.”  Another referred to the “alive and excited” crowd that had gathered at the Vatican location. The “vicar of Christ,” as one explained it — who will represent the whole of the Christian world — has been revealed!
 While watching this spectacle unfold on my Magnavox screen, I began to recall the biblical account of Jesus’ coming to this earth. What a contrast! You know the story — the lowly manger, [...]
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I had almost forgotten that I actually have a "blog" on this site!  Life has been busy and time for 'blogging' has been limited. So, to reintroduce some content here, I am posting a link to light-hearted YouTube video.
With all of the current debate about the musical transition of hymns in today's culture, this presented an interesting and comedic view on the controversy. Ya'll that are familiar with the church hymn "Leaning On the Everlasting Arms" will enjoy this!  I think … :)
PS: You will want to turn off 'streaming music track' at top of site to listen to this :)

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