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LaJuana Murphy-Brann: Christmas Album Bio

The history behind "An Ivory Christmas" - - (As published on CD Baby)

So it was in Sydney, Montana … on a snowy January morning … that this artist made her debut on the stage of life! Born into the home of a preacher and a family of gospel musicians, LaJuana Murphy-Brann was “on the road” with the family in a matter of weeks. And that has been the story of her life.

 Learning to play the organ before she could reach the pedals, LaJuana progressed to the piano at 6 years of age. Joined by a brother who mastered the bass at an equally early age, she and her musical family, “The Murphys,” toured the states and Canada for numerous years.

LaJuana has been privileged to accompany many gospel artists, having toured with groups such as the "Weatherford Quartet" and "The Latinos," among others. It is the diversity of the artists she has worked with that has brought such a variety of styles to her piano artistry, as demonstrated in her most recent instrumental album, "An Ivory Christmas."

 From the soulful blues of “O’ Holy Night” and the up-beat version of the “Joy To the World Medley,” … to the easy-listening orchestrated classic, “White Christmas,” … this album tastefully blends strings, brass and woodwind voices behind LaJuana’s signature piano style.

And as a complimentary addition to the nine instrumental offerings, 2 bonus vocal tracks have been included on this cd: “Wonderful Child Medley” and “Two Words,” … the latter a recent composition of the artist/vocalist.

As one listener commented about "An Ivory Christmas": “ It made me feel happy … so I play it all year long!” This album will help to encourage that spirit … be it December or July!